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Breaking out of echo chambers to build better futures together

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

How does positive change happen, who and what are the catalysts and how can we bring these together to make a difference? These are questions that many people in NGOs, governments and businesses are concerned with every day.

Why? Because both people and our planet face unprecedented risks that make understanding how to create better solutions extremely urgent. From climate change to public trust, no one individual, institution or sector can address the kinds of complex challenges we face alone.

Today we are excited to launch Better by Codesign, a global network of consultants and practitioners that works with our partners to deliver positive change through collaboration.

We passionately believe that building things together creates a better chance of adoption, success and impact. To break out of echo chambers we bring diverse thinkers together from across disciplines and sectors, from the people affected by an issue or using a service, to policy makers and businesses with a social good mission.

Our approach is founded on five principles.

  1. Enable deep collaboration through diverse teams

  2. Spark innovation and alternative ideas using design thinking and codesign

  3. Design sustainable and regenerative solutions

  4. Test and scale to deliver measurable impact

  5. Learn, exchange skills and evolve through every engagement

So if you believe in equitable development and the potential of collaboration to address the complex challenges we face - both inside and outside our organisations and communities - let's talk. We can partner with you and the people you work with and serve to explore new ways to build better futures together.

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