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Enhancing the social impact of a global tech company 

Working with leading social good foundation Tides to develop a Social Impact strategy codesign approach for their client

Adi and Michelle co-lead the project, providing codesign process leadership, and consulting advice on Social Impact and ESG strategy, program design and business analysis.



How does a high-profile global tech company engage its stakeholders, external advisors and internal teams in developing a global social impact strategy with locally relevant programs?


As part of the Tides team, we shaped an agile strategy codesign approach for this fast-paced company. Working with the Research team, we prepared for seven city worker codesign sessions and ran ideation workshops with the Social Impact team and internal partners. In the current phase of the project we consult on Social Impact strategy and program design, approaches to engaging with policy experts and to developing research. 

“BbyC bring incredible strategic expertise and insights. They are steeped in co-design methodology and I appreciate that they always keep equity at the centre when providing consulting advice .


– Dawn Kwan, Senior Advisor, Tides Collective 


Stakeholder voices are reflected in the strategy. The Tides team help to build trust internally, contributing to business buy-in for the Social Impact strategy. An agile consulting approach ensures we help meet the need of fast-changing scope, whilst remaining impact-oriented.  

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