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Co-creating an impact investing masterclass

We helped develop and deliver a regular course on impact investment and venture philanthropy at Wits Business School 

Better by Codesign's cofounder and Funding lead, Michelle Joubert co-created the impact investing and venture philanthropy masterclass, and co-leads its delivery. 



African non-profit leaders seeking funding for high-impact initiatives but face dwindling funds from traditional sources, see opportunity in a growing number of impact investors and corporate funders on the continent. How do organisations attract private sector investors – who require business language, metrics and funding structures – to achieve social good?


we co-built an impact investing and venture philanthropy masterclass offered through Wits Business School's  Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment, and targeting social change leaders on the continent. We co-lead the course, drawing on experience attracting private sector investment and structuring impact investments, to train organisations to win funds and grow their impact.


The course shows non-profit leaders the role that business should play in Africa’s social and environmental development, enabling them to attract private sector funding and support. By crafting an investment case demonstrating sustainability, financial and impact goals, non-profits can create opportunities for social and environmental development. 

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