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A strategy to catalyse economic system change

Codesigning a multi-year strategy addressing powerbases, knowledge and narratives with the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) 

Rashmi Mistry and Adi Mistry-Frost co-led the strategic development for WEAll, supported by specialists from the core BbyC team in comms, resource diversification and mobilisation.


The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (Weall) is a global collection of over 170 organisations that aims to change the economic system to deliver human and ecological wellbeing. It asked Better by Codesign to help refine its strategy to accelerate system change.

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After discovery – including a survey of members and interviews with experts outside the WEAll ecosystem – we designed a series of workshops with the global WEAll team and members. These codesigns focussed on three fundamental goals: growing power bases, sharing knowledge and creating engaging narratives.

Codesign strcutre

“Better by Codesign challenged us to re-examine our focus and where we should concentrate our resources. This was hard for us at times, but their caring perseverance enabled us to reach an outcome we are delighted with.


–Stewart Wallis, chair of WEAll


We co-created an actionable strategy focused on specific opportunities to achieve critical mass. This included mobilisation and comms strategies and advice on resource diversification. Development of the revised strategy has already helped secure significant donor funding. 

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