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Investing in women farmers for climate justice

Designing a new global climate justice campaign with ActionAid's diverse
global Federation to help tackle the 
climate crisis

Rashmi Mistry led the design thinking approach to campaign design for ActionAid International 


At the height of COVID-19 restrictions, ActionAid needed to create a powerful public-facing climate campaign that aligned the diverse needs of communities in the Global South with the potential to mobilise Global North supporters.



We used human-centred design and design thinking approaches to bring together diverse voices from programmes, policy, campaigns and fundraising from over 20 countries north and south to create a global campaign. This involved a series of workshops with guided inputs from teams, and transparent decision-making processes that secured buy in from all.

By designing a deeply collaborative process that engaged participants from diverse teams, levels and backgrounds the BbyC team ensured that everyone was able to contribute.

“This strategy has set the foundations for a powerful campaign to stop financial investments into the most climate harming sectors (fossil fuels and food) and start investing into sustainable practices such lead by women and young people.


–Dinah Fuentesfina, Campaign Manager, ActionAid International


A global campaign strategy to re-investment from climate-destroying industrial agriculture and into agro-ecological solutions that place youth and women at the centre. The campaign will promoting the voices of small-scale producers in the Global South while connecting with and mobilising ActionAid's supporters in the Global North to take action.

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