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Image by Anette Bratteberg

Codesigning a campaign to defend human rights in Colombia   

Supporting the VUKA! Coalition For Civic Action by facilitating a diverse group of activists in the creation of campaigns to shift public opinion
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Luis Bonilla Ortiz-Arrieta led the facilitation of the workshop series, coaching co-facilitators from partner orgs, and coordinating Better by Codesign colleagues contributing to process design and translation of technical content. 

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The VUKA! Coalition for Civic Action asked the Better by Codesign team to help counter negative narratives about Colombia’s social leaders. These relentless media attacks have had an adverse effect on public opinion and are putting communities and civic leaders at risk.


We worked with the Vuka! Coalition and South American legal organisation Dejusticia to bring diverse thinkers together. The aim: to design innovative campaigns that could be rapidly deployed in Colombia. Adapting Moblab's Campaign Accelerator, we guided 17 activists, leaders, journalists and technologists through research, ideation and prototyping. We ran seven two-hour online workshops in Spanish, designed for people using smartphones with low internet capacity.

“Colleagues at Better by Codesign managed to translate a whole methodology to a new context and language. Every time we work with what they designed I’m amazed how participants can quickly come up with great and innovative solutions despite doing the whole workshop online”

– Marianne Bertrand, Campaign and Mobilisation Manager,
International Service for Human Rights (ISHR)


A strong prototype campaign backed by participants and their organisations, is being used to raise donor funds. Activist networks strengthened and diversified. Participants learned new campaign design tools through hands-on experience. 

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